Yes, you can. For do this, you have to create a new account on your browser. After you create a new user you have to open a new browser with you just created and install FollowerMonkey again and use it.
Maybe you want to increase your account security for do this we suggest use VPN/Proxy. Here is our proxy service link: RoboProxy
You can follow approximately 200 accounts within 24 hours. Each account can follow up to 7500 people
  • Payments made by credit card will be activated instantly
  • Payments you make with Paypal will be activated automatically, but there can be a delay of about 10 minutes
It is always possible for your account to close because your account does not use this extension, but because you violate instagram rules after doing too many follows and leaving too many follows. If your account is closed, you will be held responsible for the actions you take.